By The Clique Aloe Hand Sanitizer with Silicone Holders | Set of 4 | 1 oz / 30 ml Travel Size With Classic Colored Hook On Sleeves
Always have hand sanitizer available with this set of 4 Aloe Instant hand cleaners with 4 Silicone Holders that clip to your backpacks, purses, key rings etc... The cute bright colorful holders help keep your  antibacterial sanitizer gel at hand and easily accessible. The aloe helps keep you hands soft while securing germs are eliminated keeping you and your family safe.
  • KILLS 99.99% of Germs | 75% v/v ALCOHOL | Feel safe as you use hand sanitizers that meets the FDA recommendations for effectively killing germs and bacteria.
  • NICE FEEL AND SCENT | Our ALOE VERA formula makes for a lightweight soft smelling sanitizer that goes on smooth and feels great on your hands. The Aloe Vera helps prevent dryness while still cleaning and killing germs.
  • COLORFUL SILICONE HOLDERS | hooks to bags, purses and backpacks. making it easy to have on hand at all times.
  • PERFECT SIZE | Portable travel size that fits nicely into pockets and purses. Take it everywhere you go: school, work and play. TSA approved.
  • SET OF FOUR | 4 (1) ounce hand sanitizers with 4 colorful holders