By The Clique "Unashamed" Premium Nude Lip Liner Pencil | Nude | Gluten Free and Vegan
By The Clique Premium Nude Matte Lip Liner Pencil | Unashamed
  • PREMIUM MATTE LIP LINER PENCIL:| This Naturally Nude Color Is Perfect For Any Occasion.
  • LINER, PRIMER OR FULL COVERAGE LIP COLOR: By The Clique lip liner pencils not only offer precision lip defining, but are often used as a stand alone full coverage matte lip color or as a lip primer under matching By The Clique Matte Cliquesticks for a longer lasting effect and added vibrant color that is sure to stun.
  • PERFECT LIGHTWEIGHT MATTE FINISH: Our matte lip liners will not make your make up look plain and your lips dry in the name of matte lip color. Our lip liners and lipsticks are lightweight and neither dry nor sticky, giving you a perfect look that feels good all day long!
  • SHARPENS BEAUTIFULLY| Don't let our specially made casing fool you, this is a full pencil that sharpens with any lip liner sharpener. The casing is specially made for our cream liners to keep the product at its best from the first use to the last.
  • GUILT FREE: By The Clique Works hard to ensure our formulas are made from safe and hygienic ingredients that are vegan and gluten free, perfect to be used by anyone without being worried about its ingredients. It is also important to us that our products never be tested on animals. Rest assured that these amazing lip

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