Meet the Clique

"By The Clique" is a family owned business specializing in premium matte and satin lipsticks.  With the help of their family, Sarah, Samantha, and Amanda started the “By the Clique” beauty line because of their love of makeup and their desire to make everyone feel beautiful from the inside out. The clique isn’t just about beauty, but helping others too. 10% of all profits from “By the Clique” are given to help fund disaster relief, hunger relief, and women empowerment. When you purchase a “By the Clique” product, you’re not only getting premium beauty products, but also helping people all around the world. Giving money is just a piece of what “By the Clique” does to spread kindness and love. Through sharing time with others and spreading kindness everyday, each member of the clique strives to spread inner beauty as well as outward beauty.

Meet Sarah 

Sarah is a young graduate student pursuing a career as a child mental health counselor. She currently works as a dance instructor and loves to spend her time inspiring young children to pursue their passions and complete their goals. Sarah believes that to change our broken world, it needs to start with our youth. She strives to make a difference in her students lives by spreading kindness and joy in every class. Something as small as sharing a smile can change someone’s day and Sarah tries to cultivate this kind spirit in every child she works with. Sarah is so excited to be working with the people she loves and can’t wait for everyone to get to try this amazing makeup that can last through the longest work days.

Meet Samantha

Samantha is a teenage entrepreneur who has a passion for the arts. She constantly finds herself in leadership roles and enjoys every mentorship opportunity given to her. In her free time, Samantha enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and going to the mall. Along with having fun, Samantha loves every opportunity to learn something new about life and cherishes every new friendship she makes. Through her musical theater career, she loves to encourage others to be their best self. Shining on stage and off, Samantha loves to show her true colors and she gets to show her unique self through her fun Cliquestick colors. She can’t wait to see the amazing looks everyone creates with her bold lip colors.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a licensed cosmetologist. She encourages and uplifts people during every service. She believes her job isn’t finished until her clients feel as good as they look. Amanda loves to travel and get to experience new places and meet new people. She believes that every person has a unique story and each adventure can teach you something new. Amanda finds joy in the small gestures and loves to give back in anyway she can. From helping someone in need to making lunches for the homeless, Amanda truly cares about everyone she meets. She’s excited about the opportunity to give back to those in need through your purchase. She can’t wait to see all of the fun makeup looks that can be created with the “By the Clique” makeup line.