5 Beauty Goals For a More Beautiful You in 2024

Every January 1st, we make lists of health and fitness goals to better ourselves that year, but we must remember to make beauty goals. It’s now the end of January, so be honest: How many goals have you forgotten? Don’t beat yourself up. February 1st is right around the corner, and we see each new month as an opportunity to start our goals fresh and maybe add some ones you didn’t have initially. We have compiled a list of five beauty resolutions to make for a more beautiful you. These beauty resolutions will not just make you look good, but they’ll also make you feel great about yourself! 

Hydrate Your Skin

We all know how important water is for our bodies, but did you know that drinking enough water directly affects your skin? Drinking water helps maintain your skin's moisture levels, making it healthy, plump, and radiant. Aiming to drink at least eight glasses of water daily is a significant beauty resolution. Along with drinking water, adding a face moisturizer to your skincare routine, especially in the winter, is essential to make for smoother application of your foundation. Add our 2 in 1 lip scrub and balm for better lip hydration. 

Remove Your Makeup

Removing your makeup is one of the things you should always take into account in your daily routine. Sleeping with your makeup on clogs your pores, promotes acne formation and can lead to premature aging. This beauty resolution guarantees you’ll wake up with a more youthful, glowing, smooth complexion. An item to add to your makeup removal process is our Hydrating Ultra Wear Lipstick Remover. It instantly removes liquid matte lipstick and will help your lips from drying out at night. 

Invest in Skincare Products

Investing in skincare products can make all the difference to your skin. Using good quality products guarantees quality results. Choosing products with vitamins and minerals or specific ingredients might cater to your skin's needs. Taking care of your skin doesn’t just protect it; it is also a lovely self-care practice to help you unwind before bed. 

Get Your Beauty Rest 

Getting enough sleep can be a luxury, especially if we live a fast-paced life. However, a good night’s sleep has numerous benefits. Beyond making you feel good, getting enough sleep also helps slow down aging and reduce stress levels, thus giving you brighter skin.

Diversify Your Makeup

A new year is a great chance to change up your look. In 2024, let’s prioritize diversifying your makeup shades, trying risky looks, experimenting with more colors, and mixing and matching. 2024 is the year of allowing your personality to shine in your home decor, fashion, and makeup. Step out of your comfort zone and go boldly by trying our It’s Magic Cliquestick. This beauty resolution allows you to step out of your comfort zone and widen your makeup artistry and confidence in attempting new things.

These five beauty resolutions are things that you can practice every day to benefit your beauty routine and enhance quality results in the long run. Each resolution takes little effort and is achievable if you commit to it. With these five beauty resolutions, take on the new month and continue creating the more beautiful you. Remember, “Beauty comes from within.” If you want to step out of your comfort zone and try new products this month. Shop now!


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