Attract Love This Valentine's Day

Many women, just like myself, are already contemplating on how to make this year’s Valentine’s Day an “all-for-love” day. No more worries, I am here to help you out. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day unique by attracting your dream lover with any of the By The Clique shades of lipstick and lip liners.

Wearing a lipstick will make you look unique and easily noticeable among many women. When you apply the right lipstick shade that compliments your skin color, you will attract more beauty compliments and quite possibly, a new love.

Red is a symbol of love so, you can’t go wrong with a classic red lipstick this Valentine's Day.  May I recommend  “Red Carpet Ready"  By The Clique. Whether you like a long lasting matte or a creamy satin finish, "Red Carpet Ready" lipstick is for you. It will give a bold deep luscious lip sure to attract.  On a softer note,  Accept This Rose?” matte lipstick can be a gentle and alluring option.

Do you intend to attract love at first sight this Valentine’s Day? Then, applying a purple lipstick such as “Violet Riot” will do the magic. Wearing a classic purple color lipstick reflects an adventurous and courageous woman. It gives your intending lover confidence that you are just the right partner he’s been looking for.

Get ready for a love catch this Valentine’s Day! Find more at

  • February 09, 2019
  • The Clique

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