By The Clique Premium Matte Lip Kit | Magenta Liquid Lipstick and Liner Set | It's Magic
This lipstick is enchanted with magenta magic which can create the perfect magenta shade for you based on your natural lip pigment. It may slightly vary in color and may appear lighter, darker, pinker, redder or purplier depending on your natural lip color. Nevertheless, the long-lasting formula creates a lightweight and impressive matte lip stain that gives both an amazing look and feel.
  • PREMIUM MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK and LIP LINER SET: By The Clique premium formula makes a lip stain that highlights your natural beauty.
  • LONG LASTING: Our lipstick and lip liner set gives you full day-coverage. Enjoy a smooth matte look that will stay with you all day long, not like the traditional lipstick or liner that fade after a few hours.
  • PERFECT MATTE FINISH: Our lip kit matte set will not make your make up look plain and your lips dry in the name of matte lip color. It is neither too dry nor sticky, giving you a perfect smudge proof velvet look.
  • CLEAN, SAFE AND HYGIENIC: Made from safe and hygienic ingredients, this cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan matte lipstick and lip liner set is perfect to be used by anyone, without being worried about its ingredients.